Dry Needling…The New Craze

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“the primary goal of Dry Needling is to desensitize supersensitive structures, to restore motion and function and to possibly induce a healing response to the tissue. This goal of treatment will allow you to treat and help a broad spectrum of patients from Chronic Pain Syndrome to MS (Multiple Sclerosis) to Sprain/Strain Injuries (The list could go on).

A Dry Needling Therapist can “feel” with the needle and utilize it as a diagnostic instrument. Dry Needling is often extremely helpful as tight muscles, contractures and trigger points are invisible to X-rays, MRI, CT’s. Contractures deep in the muscles can be felt with the needle via feedback on the quality of the tissues that it is penetrating. I utilize Dry Needling as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool similar to the Graston Technique. From a manual therapist standpoint, it is amazing what you can “feel” in the tissue when you have a needle extending through the deep layers of muscle and fascia. When I penetrate through chronic and fibrotic tissue, it feels very “gooey” to me. It feels very similar to some old school Silly Putty. I can tell that this is an area of muscle amnesia that needs to be woken up, stimulated and re-educated.”

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