Colin Sau

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Director and Principal Physiotherapist

B.App Sc (Phty)

My name is Colin Sau, I am the director and physiotherapist at Evolution Health Clinic. "Put your health 1st as such an investment will always bring positive outcomes."

My Approach: Manual therapist, Goal-Oriented and Holistic

It begins by finding the pain source, most of the time it is not where you think it is. With years of experience in private practice and working closely with the national athletics championship team and local AFL team, I have a clear understanding what is a normal movement pattern and what is not.

After identifying such underlying dysfunctional movement patterns I am then able to implement my hands on techniques to restore normal movement and reduce your pain. A functional exercise program usually follows to ensure that such dysfunctional motor patterns are corrected so that your pain does not come back.

Some of the treatment techniques I offer:

  • Jaw pain, Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorders
  • Spinal Manipulative Therapy
  • Mckenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Mulligans Joint Mobilisations
  • Sports Taping
  • Western Acupuncture / Dry Needling
  • Post-Surgery Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
  • Soft Tissue Work, Trigger Point Therapy
  • Functional exercise correction
  • NDIS registered practitioner

Courses attended:

  • Current shoulder surgical protocols with - Dr. David Lieu (shoulder specialist) January 2023
  • Developing accuracy with meaningful shoulder assessments, and the involvement of neural & spinal dysfunction in common shoulder problems (Introductory) - Wayne Rogers April 2022
  • Mulligans lower quadrant techniques - Grant Mackay 2022
  • Advancing techniques in ACL reconstruction - Presented by Dr. Quang Dao (Knee specialist) 2021
  • Enhancing Skills in Paediatrics Physiotherapy Level 1: Monash University 2021
  • DNS: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation Short Course: Inger Villadsen 2020
  • Kinetic Link Training: Wayne Rogers
  • Integrated Medicine Intro: Dr. Anne Chappel
  • The Dento Myo Arthropathy Concept: Rainer Schwarz OMT Australia
  • Chronic Pain, Explain Pain - Dr. Lorimer Moseley
  • The Running Lab and StrongFeet™ - Tim Bransdon
  • The Mulligans Concept - Gaetano Milazzo
  • APA Musculoskeletal Segmental and Dry Needling - Trevor Montgomery
  • The Running Athlete: Part A - Biomechanics and Analysis - Matthew Walsh
  • Hand Physiotherapy Splinting, Casting, Thermoplastics and Complex Hand Conditions - The Hand Centre Liverpool
  • Oddsocks Halterophilie: Olympic and Powerlifting Course - Pete Hardiman, Steve Tikkanen

My Specialty

My field of interest is jaw pain and temporo-mandibular joint disorders and I have trained under the Dento-Myo-Arthopathy Concepts, a course that has been recently developed by dental specialists and TMJ physiotherapists. This field of study is quite niche and not many health professionals can perform specific hands on treatment techniques for the jaw. Check out my blog to learn more about TMJ issues.

I also run calisthenics classes for beginners and advanced athletes of all ages. Individual coaching is also available for those looking to learn a specific skill or want to perfect their form in the sport.

Read my blog to find out more about what calisthenics is all about and how to join my class.

Why did I become a Physiotherapist?

I chose physio because health is the most important thing in life. I inspire others to live healthier lives.

I do that by guiding them through my expertise so that they can feel stronger not just physically but also mentally. An occupation in physiotherapy provides you with the right tools for empowerment...The key is within you. I am here to help you find it.  


Calisthenics, gymnastics, motor sports.


I can speak Chinese (Teochew).

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