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We are trained in a variety of manual therapy techniques to provide best results.

One On One Treatment

Our qualified practitioner sees one patient at a time. We do not use assistants or treat multiple patients at the same time.

Afterhour Bookings and Home Visits

Our bookings are flexible. Home physiotherapy available on request.

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cabramatta physiotherapy, tmj physiotherapist, TMJ, TMD, temporomandibular disorders, jaw pain, jaw joint, Canley Heights Physiotherapy

My jaw locks, clicks, pops

What’s causing that jaw pain? If you ever had jaw pain, you will know how uncomfortable it is. A pain that stops you from eating […]

cabramatta physiotherapy, physiotherapy arthritis, arthritis pain, arthritic, hand, hand pain, Canley Heights Physiotherapy

Living With Arthritis

“The entire human skeleton is thought to be replaced every 10 years or so in adults’ Therefore everything you do is either causing you to […]

cabramatta physiotherapy, dry needling canley heights, needle, pain relief, needling, western acupuncture, Canley Heights Physiotherapy

Dry Needling…The New Craze

“the primary goal of Dry Needling is to desensitize supersensitive structures, to restore motion and function and to possibly induce a healing response to the […]

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